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Welcome to the world of Bottega Lifestyle. Catch up on advised trends, lifestyle tips and a sneak peak of what's next from our collection.

  • The Happiness Project

    The Happiness Project

    May 15 2021 ‚Äď Jodie Nicholson

    In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week we have created our own little 'Happiness Project' featuring styling and self care tips. The positive statements of our FUND jumpers are particularly apt considering the unusual circumstances we have all been witness to...

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  • FUND X bottega

    FUND X bottega

    May 09 2021 ‚Äď Jodie Nicholson

    We are delighted to launch our collaboration with ethical British knitwear brand FUND. Each jumper is designed with unique and meaningful statements inspired by famous quotes and phrases.

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  • A Wardrobe for How We Move & Live

    A Wardrobe for How We Move & Live

    April 24 2021 ‚Äď Sam Brightmore

    As our lives continue to evolve, so do we.We are all increasingly busy multi-tasking women that require our wardrobe to work with us, for how we move and live now. With that in mind we set out to find a performance based brand with a huge focus on design...

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  • I'm With The Band

    I'm With The Band

    April 17 2021 ‚Äď Sam Brightmore

    We are in a 70s state of mine right now, and dreaming of the era. If you were lucky enough to have lived through such an epic decade you have the memories, but did you get the T-shirt?  We take a look at some of the most iconic rock 'n' roll moments worthy of a souvenir tee...or two.

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  • New Brand: Spitfire Girl

    New Brand: Spitfire Girl

    April 13 2021 ‚Äď Sam Brightmore

    Our first range of Spitfire Girl has now landed from the Staes and is ready to be explored. We have been coveting this eccentric brand for years and are so excited to finally be partnered up with Spitfire Girl.

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  • Purple Haze Exclusive Fragrance

    Purple Haze Exclusive Fragrance

    April 10 2021 ‚Äď Sam Brightmore

    The Saltworks Company, renowned for their fine fragrance, have been working on an exclusive scent for bottega that epitomises our buying inspiration.  Introducing our exclusive fragrance; Purple Haze...

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