Sustainability in the World of Fashion

July 07 2021 – Sam Brightmore

Sustainability in the World of Fashion

Sustainability in the World of Fashion

Inspired by fashion brand GANNI's statement surrounding sustainability last week, we wanted to introduce the steps we are taking to be more responsible. Highlighted in GANNI's statement, as a fashion brand that is built around promoting newness, it can seem contradictory to call ourselves sustainable. However, as a brand we are continuing to take steps to be responsible in our practises.

We are a store filled with hero pieces that are designed to last. Whilst governed by buying windows and season-focussed collections, we see all of the pieces as wearable across the year, and for those to come.

We love to see how you, our clients, incorporate past season pieces with new season styles. We encourage this mixing of seasons, new and old, to create a timeless wardrobe that gets stronger and stronger.

All packaging that we use online and in store is made from recycled materials; our posting bags are manufactured from 100% recycled polythene, our signature orange tissue is acid free, and our brown shopping bags are made from 110 gsm recycled Kraft paper.

We encourage all of our clients to reuse any packaging they receive from us, just as we like to do. Our signature tissue makes a great orange accent to add to gift bags or boxes!

We utilise all existing packing that we receive from our brands, to send out our online orders to you, so if something arrives in box with a different label, do not be alarmed, it is all in and effort to reduce the amount of waste we create to reduce our impact on the planet.

 Denim Studio

Denim Studio are a trailblazer in the jeans market. They use 90% natural materials, including 10% from materials with a low environmental footprint such as linen, modal and lyocell. Cotton is their main material and all their suppliers are BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) certified. They select their materials according to their quality in rendering and to the touch, their solidity, their impact on the final price and their environmental consequences. 

The origin of their materials in mainly European, and they do not produce anything in Asia or buy raw materials from there.


V de Vinster

Virginie de Vinster is a French designer who's fashion experience came from her time living in Africa for 15 years. She spent time travelling through West Africa and South-East Asia and was always amazed by the incredible creativity of the craftsmen and by the urban cultures.

While travelling she experienced high levels of community spirit and a slower pace of life. She also learnt about the power of symbols, conviviality and a different set of values. These experiences in different parts of the world inspired Virginie to love and support these people who have now become her friends. She wanted to bring them together through their artistic talent. 

Ethnic chic epitomises Virginie’s way of life. At a time when all the fashion brands are now advocating for sustainable, ethical, and eco-responsible manufacturing and the use of organic materials, Virginie de Vinster has been a pioneer of “slow fashion”. For the last 14 years, her philosophy has been to create a story for every article of clothing, like a travel diary that gives you a taste of elsewhere and a sense of others... and which also happens to make you beautiful.

British Colour Standard

British Colour Standard have a vast range of eco-focussed products that are made by highly skilled artisans. Their statement on sustainability is as follows;

"We design and create high-quality products at affordable prices - but not at the cost of our planet or the artisans who work hard to create the products for us. We visit all our manufacturers to check the quality of the materials and where they're being sourced from. Our aim is that our products are either recyclable, made from recycled materials, fair trade or eco wherever possible.

Good design should not cost the earth."

One such product that we are loving at the moment is the Eco Woven Market Shopper. A perfect 'Bag for Life' that can be used to hold all your Bottega finds when you visit us in store.