Wardrobe Spring Cleanse In Feng Shui Style

January 15 2021 ‚Äď Jodie Nicholson

Wardrobe Spring Cleanse In Feng Shui Style

Wardrobe Spring Cleanse In Feng Shui Style

The January wardrobe detox can be daunting but with budgets still tight post Christmas, a spring clean is an inexpensive way to reassess your wardrobe and maybe find new inspiration! Naturally, whilst knee deep in organisation mode you may find duplicate items or styles that have served there purpose for you but are still in excellent condition. If you are in this position and your fear your unwanted items are adding clutter we encourage you to donate these items to charities such as Smart Works; at the heart of this company is a team of dedicated volunteers helping disadvantaged women back into the working world by providing then with the attire and coaching needed to start a new life with a capsule working wardrobe. 
You now know the benefits that detoxing your wardrobe can have such as helping to increase the flow of positive energy and removing the clutter. However, you may be wondering where to start and how to begin! If this sounds familiar you may find the simple 4 step guide below useful! 
Let's begin! 


1. Take everything out of your wardrobe, next try each piece on! This may take some time but honestly, an item of clothing you love to look at is different to loving the way you feel while wearing it! It's a good way to assess whether an item stays or goes to someone who may need it more. (We will be linking a few charities that are currently taking donations below.)  

2. Okay, so now we have the clothes we love and will be wearing this season we need to organise our wardrobe. Everyone will have different spaces to work with, but the priority here is to separate each item into different categories. Work wear, casual wear & creative wear (clothes you wear while gardening etc.) 

3. Now your clothes are in categories you can now clearly begin to place your items back into your wardrobe space. This could be done by colour which plays an important role in Feng Shui, organizing your wardrobe using the colours of the rainbow as a guide can help bring you increased positivity as the rainbow symbolises blessings, hope and good fortune! P.S your future self thanks you!

4. And just like that...your wardrobe detox is complete! Perhaps reward yourself with a little purchase such as new matching hangers which will increase the Feng Shui flow and make your space look more cohesive. P.S at Bottega HQ we face all the hangers the same way and space them out equally. 

Join Sam, Managing Director at Bottega this weekend as she begins her spring cleaning by detoxing her wardrobe!
For more information on what items Smart Works can take please see below list; 
x Business Suits
x Skirts & Trousers 
x Dresses 
x Tops & Blouses
x Hangbags
x Shoes 
x Coats & Jackets
x New Tights
x Unloved Partywear & Gifts
For more information please email us at hello@bottega.co.uk