Kitchen Detoxing

January 23 2021 – Sam Brightmore

Kitchen Detoxing

Kitchen Detoxing

Detoxing your kitchen, is an act of self care, living in an organised space can assist in ensuring your days flow with ease and your meal times less stressful. Courtney McLeod of New York design studio Right Meets Left believes that;

"There is an inherent aspect of self-care with living in a space that is beautifully designed, unique to one's interests and that feels warm and inviting."

Sophie Ashby, founder of London-based interior-design company Studio Ashby believes that clever storage solutions are vital in keeping the home feeling harmonious. Finding storage that works for your kitchen is an important step to take and perhaps a good starting point before embarking on your detox.

The hardest part of detoxing any room is just beginning. Perhaps start with the area that is bugging you the most. For Sam, MD of Bottega, her spice cupboard was her nemesis. This weekend Sam will be labelling all her spices: this may not be the most glamorous job but Hollywood actress Eva Longoria tackled her spice cupboard in lockdown 2.0 during a live video on Instagram. If Eva can, we can do it too, let the detoxing begin!

Surrounding the heart of your home with beautiful things you love adds joy to your kitchen, this will be completely unique to you. Maybe it’s the watchful eye of a beautiful ceramic plate or your favourite painting! The small touches often make the biggest difference.

Luke Edward Hall in his own signature style adds joy to his kitchen by adding postcards and photographs to his fridge! If it makes you smile, it's a good idea to add these images in places we haunt the most. The fridge is one of our favourite places to visit in lockdown 3.0!

LA & Nashville Interior Design powerhouse Pierce & Ward believe that surrounding yourselves with beauty, whatever that means to you, is key. Their kitchen is filled with romantic ceramic busts.

"They knew instinctively that romances could be made richer, inspirations clearer, and futures brighter if surrounded by undeniable beauty. These mottos swirled and swelled into a style that transcended eclectic into an electric collective!"

At bottega we have always loved the extraordinary but also appreciate the simple home comforts and the need to be practical. Take a versatile ceramic tiger utensil pot that sits proudly on your kitchen table, ready to be filled with all your kitchen essentials. Sam, uses her utensil pot to bring the outdoors in by picking fresh flowers from her garden. Reward yourself with fresh flowers once your kitchen detox is complete. A reminder that spring is coming, and a new chapter is upon us all.