British Colour Standard

Founded in 2015, by Victoria Whitbread and Jackie Piper who bring their premium brand British Colour Standard© to the consumer. Championing British colour with this 'Modern Vintage' brand British Colour Standard©; making beautiful homewares for their design-savvy customers.

Derived from a wonderful old colour system created in the 1930's to match products across the British Commonwealth - from uniforms to Battleships, it fell out of use following the 2nd world war and the advent of digital colour.

Reinvented for the 21st century, our first BCS product - a bone china British-made mug collection, won the prestigious Gift of the Year award in January 2017. Many new collections have been added in 2018, including hand-blown recycled colourful glasswares, candle holders and colourful jute placemats.

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