Purple Haze Exclusive Fragrance

April 10 2021 – Sam Brightmore

Purple Haze Exclusive Fragrance

Purple Haze Exclusive Fragrance

The Saltworks Company, renowned for their fine fragrance, have been working on an exclusive scent for bottega that epitomises our buying inspiration. We start with notes of patchouli which is deep rooted in the headiness of the '70s, add suede for a soft musky note, the final defining note to our perfect formula is smokey violet, which takes this scent to the next sophisticated level. We have been scenting your parcels over the last few months with our signature fragrance and after such great feedback we have decided to make this fragrance available for pre-order due to limited numbers!
It may be clear that our buying inspiration has a huge nod to arguably the best fashion decade, the 70's. Designers still look to this era for style inspiration and our buying decisions have been based on the best of the past. Icons of the era such as Joni Mitchell, Cher & Bianca Jagger come to mind, current stars such as Harry Styles have taken note and seek to emulate this fashionable decade. Harry's style has evolved since his teen-friendly boy band attire; he is now notably known for his willingness to blur gender boundaries along with custom outfits from exquisite fashion houses. The late David Bowie’s alter ego's blended ideas about gender and fashion in the 70's seems to have been mimicked; Bowie continually transformed his look throughout his career and this is something we think Harry Styles has taken notes on. 

Now that the Jack Wills has been traded in for bespoke Gucci, Lavin and Alexander McQueen, to name a few, Harry has become a style icon of 2021! Our mood boards on Harry's style look something like this (prepare for a sugar rush)

If you feel like you are in a watermelon sugar high after reading this newsletter you are not alone! We sum up the aesthetic as a fearlessly free, Purple Haze. If you want our buying direction bottled then don't hesitate to pre-order our signature scent.


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