Little Words Project Belle Swarovski Beaded Bracelet

Little Words Project Belle Swarovski Beaded Bracelet

Little Words Project

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Choose from words like 'Brave,' Be Kind,'and 'Good Vibes' from the White Beaded Words collection from Little Words Project. Aimed to spread kindness, you keep the bracelet and wear with pride before passing it on to someone who needs it more. Register the number on your gold tag via the Little Words app and track your bracelet as it inspires from wrist to wrist! 

Little Words Project® bracelets are made out of fine-cut Swarovski® crystals and interwoven with a unique, inspirational word. These bracelets unite girls of all ages, inspiring kindness between each of them. A Little Words® bracelet features a gold-dipped tag with a unique number inscribed on them to register so you can track their journey.

The Mission 

The Little Words Project unite women of all ages in one common goal: to spread kindness from woman to woman. Little Words® strives to be your go-to company for jewellery that’s uplifting, to be shared with yourself, your loved ones, or just about anyone who could use some extra kindness in her life.

How it Works

    1. Purchase a word that’s meaningful to you
    2. Register your new bracelet’s story using the unique number on your gold tag with the Little Word Project app,
    3. Wear your Little Word for as long as you like.
    4. When you meet someone who needs that word a little more than you might, pass it on and encourage her to register it like you did.
    5. Check on your tag number here and see the impact your single act of kindness had on the many lives it’s touched – all thanks to you


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