Helen Kantha Jacket Green

Sissel Edelbo


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Helen Kantha Jacket Green


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      Bring a colourful touch to your wardrobe with a beautiful vintage one-of-a-kind cotton sari jacket. Every jacket is sustainable and comes in a unique, beautiful print and colour in different matching cotton saris. The fabric is made of two or more layers of old sari fabrics and hand embroidered with kantha stitches. For this jacket Sissel Edelbo have used several upcycled cotton sari blankets that previously have been used by local Indian people.



      • Chest: 120 cm
      • Full length: 73 cm

      All Sissel Edelbo styles are made of the best reused saris which have been worn by Indian women for decades before they were carefully selected by the team and then re-designed. The small imperfections that can occur tell a story about the fabric’s authentic life from the past. In Sissel Edelbo it is the beauty of the imperfectly perfect we love and cherish. We hope that you will continue the beautiful story with pride. - THE STORY CONTINUES.

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