Exclusive Limited Edition 'Rise' Ring

Bottega & SVP


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Exclusive Limited Edition 'Rise' Ring


  • Product Description
      This very exclusive ring has been lovingly hand-crafted using 19 pairs of hands by the talented SVP team in Jaipur.



      18 Carat Gold Vermeil 

      Maid In Jaipur

      Adjustable, one size fits all! 

      Crystal Meanings 

      Tiger's Eye - Tigers Eye is said to guard against ill wishes from others whilst warding off negative emotions and thoughts. It can be used to release fear and anxiety by helping with re-grounding and re-balancing.

      Citrine - Citrine is said to improve your mental clarity, self-confidence and will power. It can help to remove and deflect negative energy and eliminate all fears caused by the influence of others. Citrine is also purported to increase energy and drive and activate the imagination.

      Smokey Quartz - Smoky Quartz is ideal if you’re emotionally stuck. It rids the body and home of negative energies and helps you to tackle important tasks
      by opening the mind and giving grounding, mental clarity and protection.

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