Donna Ida

Jean Queen Donna Ida Thornton is the owner of The Ultimate Denim Destination, DONNA IDA. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Donna Ida Thornton moved to the UK in 1999 for a career in marketing when she spotted a gap in the market. While out shopping one day Donna realised she couldn’t find anywhere to buy jeans that she felt truly comfortable in, so when a friend suggested that Donna should open a boutique that just sold jeans, she did exactly that. Donna Ida Thornton opened the doors to her first boutique in 2006 in Chelsea, London where her brand has flourished into the go to name for jeans. Donna’s ready to wear blouses and knitwear pieces are designed to capture your mood and be the perfect go to partners to wear with jeans. “The essence of the DONNA IDA girl is defined by her love of denim which underpins her wardrobe and her entire lifestyle. The simplicity of a pair of jeans is her foundation, informing the way she lives life. She enjoys touches of glamour in every part of her world.”


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