Sorbet Bracelets

Sophia’s first bracelets were made for her closest friends with the idea to always be connected to them. At that time she did not know, that her creations would be the first pieces of her new collection. During her stay in Mykonos, inspired by the energy and simplicity of the island, Sophia decided to found her own label, with the emotional value of the jewellery standing at the center of her creations.

It is her love to detail, that drives her to create unique pieces that matter. This is also reflected in the packaging, as every ‘SORBET BRACELET’ is delivered in a ‘bottle-post’ of a very special kind: each bracelet comes in a glastube with a good luck-fortune message.

Her favourite feeling and the reason for the brands’ name: ‘Sitting beneath the shade of a lemon tree, eating sorbet ice-cream, thinking about all the good things and people in life, that are still to come.’

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