Dilli Grey

 'ethical, beautiful, handmade'

Their vision is to create everyday luxury that has a soul, a story to tell and will infuse your wardrobe and home with a sprinkling of the magic of India. Dilli Grey was born one sunny spring morning by Vickie, our founder’s back garden as she sat under an Indian parasol, daydreaming of creating a beautiful boutique brand inspired by her travels.

“Dilli Haat” - a vibrant emporium in Delhi bursting with colour, sound and fragrance – is the inspiration behind the Dilli Grey name. Dilli Grey has inhaled this heavenly inspiration and brought the “East meets West” concept thoughtfully to life with alluring, feminine pieces, created in India, yet with an astute design focus on the Western aesthetic.

dilli grey illustration of a hand block carving in the shape of a hamsa

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