Rabens Saloner Corduroy Alina Jacket

Rabens Saloner Corduroy Alina Jacket

Rabens Saloner

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About the Autumn / Winter 18 Collection
The Rabens Saloner girl has always had a rebellious side to her so, for this season, we look for inspiration to one of the world’s most artistically revolutionary periods – the early 20th century – when painters such as Picasso, Klee and Sonia Delaunay broke free from the confines of established aesthetics.
As international travel became easier, Influences from the native art of Africa, Asia and the Pacific were incorporated with western techniques to create new ground-breaking work.
A century later, the spirit of this culture clash resonates as strongly as ever and it is with this in mind that Rabens Saloner looks beyond borders and travels far and wide to bring an eclectic and vibrant collection that is totally modern.


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